About Us

Moon Dog Meadery is a Meadery run by Derrick Forrest and Kenneth Thrower.

In 2011 Derrick began his brewing career under the moniker Mystic Meadery for his home-brewing hobby. Mystic Meadery was named after his dog at the time. The adorable white pup Mystic. Originally learning to make mead from his parents he has now been brewing for over 10 years! Over the past decade, Derrick has learned from many mistakes and honed different techniques in brewing that has culminated in a product that we believe people will love. 

Derrick and Kenneth happened to meet by chance at a Triangle Rock Club meet up and became fast friends. Rock climbing all the time until Kenneth moved to Japan for several years. When Kenneth came back he asked Derrick to teach him how to make mead and they have been making mead together ever since. 

Derrick's friends had been telling him for years that he should go professional and when the pandemic hit he decided to go full steam and go for his dream of owning his own meadery with his friend Kenneth . We planned things out over the course of 2020 and then obtained the rental space, renovated it, got the licenses and opened Moon Dog Meadery in 2021. It was a nerve wracking and difficult endeavor. Kenneth and Derrick both learned a lot about starting and running a business, and are still working hard to make sure it is something they can do for a long time

We are dedicated to making the best mead possible. We are excited to create a wide variety of flavors for you to try and have so many ideas on what to create. We are looking forward to sharing every concoction we make with you. 

We are dedicated to supporting and building relationships with North Carolina local businesses. We have brought in as much craft beer, wine, cider, mead, seltzer and kombucha from around the state as we could. We also in support of other local businesses do our best to source our ingredients from local sources. 

We also love animals. At the shop you can say hello to the Moon Dogs Sherlock and Viridian! Feel free to bring your pets so long as they remain on leash and you take care of their mishaps.