Our Mead

Nektar of the Dogs: Traditional Mead.

Honey, Water, Yeast. Traditional meads have used these ingredients to great effect for millennia. Ours embellishes on this tradition to produce a smooth, delicate beverage with soft floral notes reminiscent of the flowers from which the honey was produced.

Dry and Semi Sweet Options available

Blood of the Dogs: Mixed Berry Mead.

Rested on blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries, Blood of the Dogs gets its name from the beautiful rose color the berries impart. Reminiscent of our days hunting and gathering. enjoy this semi-sweet, fruit forward, and slightly tart beverage.

Semi Sweet

Hair of the Dog: Coffee Vanilla Mead.

Enjoy the flavors of honey, coffee and vanilla in this lovely blend. Blended with guatemalan nixcaya coffee beans sourced from our neighbors Joe Van Gogh. A perfect choice for coffee lovers.

Akita Dream Cycle: Orange Vanilla Mead.

Seasonal Mead

Akita: Dream Cycle is imbued with orange juice, vanilla and lactose for a creamy and refreshing flavor. It is inspired bu nostalgic memories of chasing the ice cream truck with friends over summer vacation.